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Monday, 21 July 2014

All this running..why are they always running lately?

I'm coming but I'm not running!

 Hello everybody and I'm back! I put my pony computer in a different place from where I kept it before so Angel doesn't know where it is. I am really thinking about getting another pony computer for Angel even though they cost 300 carrots. I only have 299. I guess I will ask my sire for a carrot. Or maybe Angel so she can pitch in some carrots for a pony computer that is going to be hers. Anyway, I really wanted to write because lately there has been a lot of running.....especially Charlie my brother. Yesterday evening(and this evening), after me, Angel and Lily were already put in, Netta (the person who takes care of us) let Charlie run into the barn. He was as fast as lightning. Anyway, again today we had visitors. They were oh so very nice. Almost nice enough that I want to adopt them. But I still love my girl's-to-be!!!!

     Have you wondered what it would be like to be someone else. I have, sometimes I wish I was a human.
It looks like so much fun. being a pony is hard impressing people and being a Newfoundland pony we all have to do our part and try to repopulate the earth, there are only about 400 of us left, but when visitors come they look like they don't have anything else to do but visit us!  Lily told me that we shouldn't wish for unrealistic things. Now who's saying things? She has wished to be a horse! Now THAT'S unrealistic.

     Anyway got to go talk to Angel about the giving me a carrot so I can give her a pony computer.
     - Kate Of The Cove.



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