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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Welcome from Kate of the Cove!

Cake for my birthday! I wanted hay-- but it was chocolate-sigh

When I get big I will teach little girls to ride me! I cannot wait!
Dear Reader;
 My name is Kate; Welcome to my new blog.  I just turned three so it was time to get a job. I decided I wanted to be a writer.  To practice I am starting this blog about my life and that of my friends and family here at the Change Islands Pony Sanctuary.  It is difficult to type with hooves so I have a very special pony computer. The keyboard is pony sized. It's great. I don't share it  much with my best friend Angel as she will just spend her time playing video games on it. I think ponies should frolic and play outside don't you?

I have been at the sanctuary for three years-I was born here.  I got my name from a very special lady and I am named after another very special lady.  It's a great story.  It happened when the Governor General (a very special man in Canada) came to visit with his wife. Her name is Sharron Johnston.  She loves horses and ponies and so she gave me the name Kate. I was just a filly then and I thought it would be fun to nibble her hair. I didn't but it sure looked tasty. Fillies don't know that hair isn't for nibbling.

I am named for the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William's wife.  Boy do people think that's super pony cool!

Over the next while I will tell you all about my friends and family. They are Jigger(my dad) Heidi(my mom)Colby, Angel, Charlie, Princess, Charm, Lily and Strawberry.

The thing that is important about us is that we're a very rare breed of ponies and the sanctuary is where we can be safe and happy and most of all make baby ponies!  I am putting a few photographs here now so you can see where we live. Of course our sanctuary loves visitors so you can come see for yourself.  Next time I write I will explain a lot more of what my life is like but there are some little girls bringing me apples for a treat.  I love apples!

Off to frolic!


Kate of the Cove
This little girl visits all the time. I may keep her.

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  1. I'll be checking your Blog frequently. Please keep posting more about the Ponies. (If you see Dakota Reid who also loves Ponies,please say hello)