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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pony Fun!

With the bigger girl. I Like her.

This is my sire Jigger!

  Hi everybody, it's Kate and I'm back. I was just put into the garden by the little girls I'm adopting and their dam. There was another person there and I think it was the little girl's sire because the little girl's dam called him 'sweetheart.

Anyway, I am in the garden with Angel and her mom, Lily. They are always frolicking when no one is around but once they hear the engine of a car, truck or van they stop and start grazing again. I probably shouldn't have told you that because once Lily reads my blog (it was secret before I told you) I will be kicked.


OK, I'm good. I want to talk about my breed. There are only four hundred Newfoundland Ponies left in the world when before there was twelve thousand.  Four hundred is a lot to me but apparently there are 8 billion humans so that means my breed is very rare and special. I really like being special and rare-and named after a duchess!

 In my last post I said I would tell you more about my life at the sanctuary, so I will.
Today I got carrots from the little girls and it was hectic! I just wanted the last carrot because I hadn't had one yet and Lily and Angel were butting in trying to get the final carrot. Finally, I got my carrot, after so long Angel and Lily gave up and the girls gave me the carrot.

 More about my life. I go outside about 8:00am and go in 4:00pm. I think they should put us in at around 7:00pm or 8:00pm because I love being outside. The only good thing about my stall is that it's right next to the hay so if I get hungry(I usually do)I break open the side of my stall and get a little nibble. Every night somebody nails it back in but a couple of kicks and it's open again.

Occasionally I give a little to Lily, she is the dominant mare.

       Lately, Charlie (my brother) has been very stud-like...nibbling the mares is what he mostly does but today while Lily was walking to the yummy garden, Charlie tried to chase her. Angel and I think he needs a girlfriend real bad!

       A lot of the people reading this probably doesn't know what some of the pony words mean so the next post will probably list those words and what they mean, even daddy doesn't know some of them! Anyway my hooves are getting tired, Lily's kicking dirt all over me and Angel want to check on her PONY HAVEN account.(A pony game where you take care of you own pony)

   Thank you for reading,
   Don't be shy, give me a carrot!

                    Kate Of The Cove




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